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Dr. Bunkers, Dr.Savani, and Dr. Brar are certified Invisalign® providers and have been helping patients achieve the smile they've always wanted without having to get traditional braces. Come on in today and see if you're a candidate!. Consultations are always complimentary. Flex spending dollars can be used towards your treatment. Let us know if you have any questions regarding insurance benefits or flex spending.

Adults love Invisalign® clear aligners because they straighten teeth without anyone noticing that you are correcting your smile. They are only worn for 22 hours a day so you can take them out to eat dinner, go on a date, or make an important presentation at work.

Adult "invisible braces" (which are not really braces at all, but clear plastic retainers) are a new technique for adults to obtain the results of braces without wearing braces! This technique, which is effective for both crowding and spacing cases, utilizes a series of retainers (computer generated or lab constructed) that are worn sequentially until the desired correction is achieved.

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She's wearing "invisible braces" in one of these two photos. Can you tell which one? It's difficult to tell, isn't it? That's the whole point!